Vegetable Gardens

In recent years, a number of our clients have set aside a segment of their landscape for vegetable, herb and fruit gardens. We have created beautiful raised-beds and containers that provide clients with much of the produce that they had been buying at the market. Nothing tops the feeling of deciding what to have for dinner and stepping out the door to pick unbeatably fresh, 100% organic ingredients right from your own backyard. We especially love seeing children pulling up carrots or picking sugar snap peas right from the vine. Our produce gardens are designed to be visually pleasing, balancing color and texture, much like a flower garden. You can choose to grow the things you eat most often, selecting specific varieties you won't find at the store because we grow them for you from seed. We plan your garden to be productive during the parts of the summer that you will be on island to enjoy its fruits, as well as throughout the off season when you are visiting only for the weekend. As with flowers, we are delighted when we have the opportunity to work with our clients and their families in the garden.

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